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Choose art from our collection and pay just £39 per month.

Pick your favourite piece among hundreds carefully selected works of art from both established and emerging artists. Whether you want a lithograph by a famous Jean Jansem or a work by a recent promising graduate of Central Saint Martins we have something for you. We offer works that vary in style, media and technique: from abstract oil paintings on canvas to mixed media collage compositions.

Change art as often as you like.

We know how hard it can be to choose a single artpiece for your home. ArtHome.London lets you change works as often as you like. Whether you are doing it because your mood has changed or you want to discover different artists, we’re ready to help.

Delivered and installed for you.

When you consider having art in your apartment, don’t think about complex transportation or time spent hanging the work. We will deliver your selected art pieces at a convenient time. We’ll do all the necessary installations and will not damage your wall. There is also an option to use an easel. You don't pay anything for the delivery - change as often as you like.

All artworks are insured.

We all love partying and some of us have kids so we understand that bad things could happened with art while it is on your wall. In the unfortunate case of damaged art you would not usually be liable for more than 30% of retail price of the artwork.

Support emerging artists.

Participating artists receive share of the monthly subscription fee. They also get 70% of the price if the work is sold – higher than in any gallery in town.

Cancel online or purchase an artwork anytime.

You can cancel the subscription anytime online. Moreover, if it turns out that you cannot part with one of the works, you can always buy the beloved piece!