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How much is subscription?

It is just £29 per month.

How much is delivery of paintings?

You don't pay anything for the delivery - change as often as you like.

What type of art do you have?

From abstract oil paintings on canvas to mixed media collage compositions - everyone can find something special.

Do you work with every artist who wants to be on board ?

Every who contact us has chance to work with us. However not everyone is selected to be in our collection.

If I decide to cancel my membership, do I pay for the pick up?

No, when you cancel your membership we will make an appointment when we will pick up your painting.

How often can I change my artwork?

Whenever you recieve painting in your home you can visit our website and select different one.

Can I have more that one artwork in my home?

Yes you can but it is not part of our basic plan. To get more information about pricing and conditions please contact us.

Can I subscribe outside of London?

We are sorry but right now we are offering subscription just to Londoners only. However we are growing fast and maybe your city will be next.

What if I want to change time of delivery?

That is not a big deal. In a email you recieved about delivery you can see contact information of your courier. You can call him or simply send us an email.

Can I buy an artwork?

Yes you can buy any artwork you previously rented or you are having in your home right now.

Where do these artworks came from?

All artworks we have in our collection are from usually London based artists. However we have some international artworks as well.

How long does it take to deliver the painting?

It is on you to select day and time of delivery which is as soon as next day.

Do you have your gallery somewhere?

Yes we have, it is based in Schoreditch. Visit about us page to learn more about our gallery

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Visit a login page and press "Forgot a password?" link. You will recieve an email with instructions how to change your password.

Can I call someone at ArtHome.London

Call us at any time we are always happy to answer you questions or listen to your feed back. Our phone is +44 7766 167997