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Our story.

ArtHome.London is brought to you by the same team that founded Gitoon several years ago. Gitoon helps artists in their creative development by providing quality feedback on their works . Today Gitoon houses thousands of emerging and established artists around the globe. It has curated a number of international exhibitions and was ranked among the hottest European startups by WIRED and Mashable.

How we got inspired.

We were often asked by our artists to help promote their works. Rather than trying to sell the works, we wanted to give as many people as possible a chance of experiencing a particular piece. That’s how ArtHome.London idea originated. We thought there is something very special about having different art in your home: it’s totally unlike the gallery experience where most of us spend just a few seconds looking at a particular piece at best. At the same time, it’s not as complicated as buying art which could be expensive, frustrating and requires a lot of preparation.

Here is what out artists and members say about ArtHome.London.

"Imagine having a mini gallery on your wall, changing monthly. This is a really fun way to discover new artists; normally you would have to go to exhibitions all over the world to see these pieces of art, and instead they’re delivered right to your wall!”
Eleanor Buffam, Artist

“To create a bridge between the artist and art lovers is great and ArtHome.London is that bridge!”
Edward Ofosu, Artist

“I got my very first own painting via ArtHome.London, and apart from vastly improving the interior of my room, it also helped me feel at home - for the first time in a lot of years. I would gladly recommend this service to all urban nomads and rent-payers - as a glimpse of a brighter future and of the great world of art, truly accessible to all”
Alexey Naumov, Subscriber

Come and see us in our gallery.

We know it is hard to decide just by seeing artworks online. That’s why we have quite a few works on display in our gallery. Simply send us a request for a private viewing.

M: +44 7766 167997